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July 07, 2010


Margaret Sigman Bailey, BSN, MN, CCRN

Hi Everyone,

I am a practitioner of integrative health care, so Ruth, your story spoke to me, and, I have a spiritual connection to your synagogue. This is from Margaret Sigman Bailey, in Washington state. I just got my letter from the Iowa geneaological society researchers yesterday, and they had located the obituaries of my grandparents (Max (died 1948) and Annie Sigman(died 1952) in Des Moines. The obituaries said that Max and Annie attended Adas Israel Synagogue. So sad that I never met them; they died before I was born, but even sadder that my parents did not raise me in the Jewish traditions. However, I am now trying to reconnect, and so am sending this email. Max and Annie had 5 sons: Sam, married to Alameta, Ben, married to Evelyn, Sid, not sure of his wife's name, Harry, married to Ida Mae, and my dad, Bruce Sigman, married to Marguerite McGovern, also of Des Moines. I was thinking of making a trip out there to visit their synagogue, and my grandparents graves in Minnesota, and I'd like to know if anyone remembers any of the Sigmans from Adas Israel Synagogue. Meanwhile, is it possible to put Max and Annie and their sons on a prayer request from your synagogue? It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks so much, and Ruth, best of luck, and if you would like any information on complementary medicine, I am sigmanangl@olypen.com
Thanks so much!

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